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"We are a big, close family. I am the third of five siblings. I have an elder brother in the gas and oil industry, an elder sister who’s a teacher, a younger brother who’s a linguist and a younger sister who’s a hedge-fund manager. I live with her in London. Family, for me, is the most important thing because it is constant and real. Much as I love my job, it picks you up and it puts you down." — Rose Leslie for YOU Magazine

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"I’m not the type of actor who can perform without wearing a mirror on my face. Everyone knows that you’re better with other actors who are really present, who you are having the same experience with, but I am made or broken on it. If I’m working with someone who I’m not vibing with, or who I have to fake anything with, then it’s sad for me and it’s bad acting." 

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And even outside the acting world, people still don’t really listen to kids, and I think kids have some of the best ideas. Young kids are untouched, and unstressed.”

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If you want this bad enough and you want it for the right reasons, the strong will survive. My reason is the pure love, the joy of acting. ~ Aaron Paul for Flaunt (X)

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#all he’s ever wanted is for her to be happy #he’s a selfish arrogant asshole and he’d be the first person to say he’s /not/ a good man #but he’s also the one person who goes out of his way to make her smile #to do nice things for her #just because #she’s his person #and he’s hers #it’s amazing and i can’t believe my otp is canon (x)

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Kristen for Vanity Fair France x

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100% proven zodiac analyses

aries: short-tempered kind-hearted babies
taurus: stubborn knucklehead cuties who are nice to everyone
gemini: intelligent blabber-mouths w a great sense of humor
cancer: over-emotional compassionate lil cupcakes
leo: melodramatic fun-loving fucks
virgo: creative whiny pissbabies who are intellectually stimulating
libra: ditsy carefree pacifist qts
scorpio: intensely emotional secretive bad bitches
sagittarius: honest philosophical travel-agents who don't give a fuck
capricorn: organized self-driven sarcastic dickheads
aquarius: extroverted detached open-minded freaks
pisces: sensitive lazyasses who are ideological + creatively stimulating
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